Stonewall Democrats of Denton County

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The Stonewall Democrats of Denton County are committed to full equality for all citizens— both LGBTQ and allies! We work towards electing LGBTQ friendly Democrats to public office.

Since our inception in 2007, we have supported local, state, and nationwide causes to help get LGBTQ friendly Democrats elected to public office.

We have also supported the community by providing scholarships to young people, as well as being visible in Denton County. We have donated thousands of dollars and countless hours of our time to candidates, our county party, and our community.

The Stonewall Democrats CAN and DO make a difference!

If you are a progressive, liberal, or just call yourself a Democrat, please join us. We are open to heterosexual allies as well as LGBTQ Democrats. $40 Regular membership annually helps us to help ourselves– by supporting Democrats friendly to our cause. That is only 11 cents per day!

You not only help support Democrats with your money, but help support your local community with your direct involvement and activism! A portion of your dues also support the TX Stonewall Democratic Caucus and the National Stonewall Democrats, so your dollars go a long way!

Go to our Membership page to learn how to become a member and donate to our organization. We now also offer a student membership for only $20 annually. Stonewall T-shirts are also still available. Find out how to get one today!

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